Sunday, October 14, 2012

A through B

Author          Book Title          Book Code          Subject

Alaska Coloring Books A-68 Alaska patterns

Adrosko, Rita J. Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing N-01 Dyeing Fabric

Alaska Quilt Survey Quilts of Alaska: Textile Album of the Last Frontier Q-77 Historical

ALCQ Recipes: Quilters Style R-01 Cook Book

Alexander, Karla New Cuts for New Quilts N-20 Stacking

Aller, Allie Crazy Quilting C-99 Crazy Quilts

American Quilter's Society Catalog of Quilt Shows: 2013 C-101 Quilt shows

Amsden, Deirdre Colourwash Quilts C-22 Colorwash

Andersen, Charlotte Warr Focus on Features F-22 Facial Features

Andersen, Charlotte Warr One Line At A Time O-19 Machine Quilting

Anderson, Alex Quilts for Fabric Lovers Q-87 Patchwork

Anderson, Frieda & Laura Wasilowski Improvisational Fused Quilt Art DVD-11 Fusing, art quilts

Aneloski, Liz & Joyce Lytle Celebrate the Tradition C-77 Quilters, historical, patchwork

AQS Contest Results Dresden Plate D-23 Dresden Plate

Armstrong, Carol Cats in Quilts C-98 Cats

Armstrong, Carol A Gathered Garden G-29 Dimensional Flowers

Arthur, Linda Contemporary Hawaiian Quilting C-81 Hawaiian

Ash, Bethann Vibrant Quilt Collage V-11 Art quilts, fusing

Atkins, Thom Beading Artistry B-49 Beading

Baker, Sharon Fabulous Flowers (More) F-51 Flowers (3-D), small quilts

Bakker, Maaike Cups and Saucers C-58 Paper Piecing

Barickman, Amy Indygo Junction's Needle Felting: 22 Stylish Projects for Home and Fashion N-19 Felting

Barnes, C. June Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art E-26 Art quilts, dimensional

Barnes, Christine Color: the Quilter's Guide C-96 Color

Barnes, Christine Quilted for Christmas: Book II Q-38 Christmas

Becker, Joyce R. Beautifully Embellished Landscapes B-41 Landscapes, machine appliqué

Becker, Joyce R. Luscious Landscapes L-20 Landscapes

Becker, Joyce R. Nature's Patterns N-12 Art

Beevers, Sue Off-the-Shelf Fabric Painting O-16 Fabric Painting

Belden, Anelie Thoroughly Modern Dresden T-44 Dresden Plate

Benjamin, Bonnie Sashiko S-02 Japanese, Sashiko

Berg, Von Holt, Johnson Celebrate with Little Quilts C-31 Small Quilts

Better Homes & Garden 501 Quilt Blocks Q-64 Patchwork

Beyer, Jinny Quiltmaking by Hand Q-99 Hand quilting, hand piecing

Beyer, Jinny Designing Tesselations D-14 Tesselations

Beyer, Jinny Patchwork Portfolio P-04 Patchwork

Beyer, Jinny The Scrap Look S-05 Scrap Quilts

Beyer, Jinny Soft-Edge Piecing S-34 Appliqué

Beyer, Jinny Medallion Quilts M-24 Medallion

Bianchi, Priscilla Caliente Quilts C-89 Ethnic fabrics, Guatemalan fabrics

Bird, Charlotte (ed.) Quilt Visions Q-113 Art Quilts

Bishop, Robert Romance of Double Wedding Ring Quilts R-13 Double Wedding Ring

Bishop, Robert & Carter Houck American Patriotic Quilts A-01 Patriotic

Blalock, Joan Quilted Landscapes Q-44 Art

Bolesta, Karen Classic American Quilt Collections: Amish C-70 Amish

Bong, Gayle Trouble Free Triangles T-12 Triangles

Bonsib, Sandy Flannel Quilts F-37 Flannel

Bowser, Tammie (Simply Amazing) Quilted Photography Q-91 Quilting

Brackman, Barbara Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns E-02 (on bottom shelf) Patchwork

Brackman, Barbara Encyclopedia of Appliqué E-25 Appliqué

Brackman, Barbara Quilts From the Civil War Q-125 Civil War

Bradkin, Cheryl Basic Seminole Patchwork B-16 Seminole

Brandt, Janet Carija Folk Art Animals: 25 Fanciful Appliqué Designs F-21 Animals, Folk Art

Brandt, Janet Carija Wool-on-Wool Folk Art Quilts W-10 Folk art

Brearley, Deborah Patches of Australia P-71 Animals, Australia

Briscoe, Susan Japanese Quilt Inspirations J-7 Japanese

Brown, Lynn Roddy Simple Strategies for Block-Swap Quilts S-92 Block Exchange

Browning, Bonnie K. Borders and Finishing Touches B-23 Appliqué Borders

Brusher, Tacha Quilt Color Workshop Q-127 Color

Buckley, Karen Kay Appliqué: Hand and Machine DVD-5 Appliqué

Buechel, Jennifer Miniature Baltimore Album Quilts M-21 Small Quilts, Appliqué, silk ribbon

Buffington, Adrienne Hand-Dyed Fabric Made Easy H-15 Dyeing Fabric

Burch, Laurel Laurel Burch Quilts: Kindred Creatures L-21 Animals

Burns, Eleanor Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern Q-103 Log Cabin

Burns, Eleanor Sunbonnet Sue Visits Quilt in a Day S-40 Sunbonnet Sue

Burns, Eleanor Stars Across America S-70 Patchwork, stars

Burns, Eleanor Appliqué in a Day A-30 Appliqué

Busch, Cathy Newfangled Piecing N-22 Piecing

C Through D

Author          Book Title          Library Code          Subject

Caffrey, Debbie An Alaska Sampler A-47 Alaska

Caffrey, Debbie Quilting Season Q-115 Patchwork

Campbell, Patricia B. & Mimi Ayars Jacobean Rhapsodies J-3 Appliqué

Carlson, Elizabeth Hamby Trip to Ireland T-28 Irish Chain, Patchwork

Carlton,Alissa Haight Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts M-45 Modern Quilting

Carter, Erika Erika Carter: Personal Imagery in Art Quilts E-21 Art Quilts

Cesar, Mary Haunani Flowers of Hawaii F-53 Hawaiian

Christopherson, Darlene C. Perfect Union of Patchwork and Appliqué P-56 Appliqué

Chong, Nancy Lee Hawaiian Quilting DVD-3 Hawaiian

Clabo, Margo J. Ultimate Book of Quilt Labels U-22 Labels

Collins, Sally The Art of Machine Piecing A-43 Machine Piecing, Small Quilts

Collins, Sally Drafting for the Creative Quilter D-26 Drafting

Collins, Sally Small Scale Quiltmaking S-51 Miniature Quilts

Colvin, Joan The Nature of Design: A Quilt Artists' Personal Journal N-13 Art

Colvin, Joan Quilts from Nature Q-32 Patchwork

Combs, Karen Optical Illusions for Quilters O-12 Optical Illusions

Cory, Pepper Mastering Quilt Marking M-38 Quilt Marking

Cory, Pepper Quilting Designs from the Amish Q-45 (bottom shelf) Amish

Craig, Sharyn Great Sets G-28 Settings

Craig, Sharyn Setting Solutions S-61 Sets

Creative Publishing Editors Exploring Textile Arts E-20 Textile Design

Crow, Jayme & Joan Segna Stitch and Split Appliqué S-78 Appliqué, raw edge

Crow, Nancy Nancy Crow: Quilts and Influences C-14 Art

Crow, Nancy Improvisational Quilts I-11 Art

Crust, Melody & Hether Waldron Tewell A Fine Line F-42 Machine Quilting

Cummings, Sandi Thinking Outside the Block T-33 Art quilts, design

Dales, Judy B. Curves in Motion: Quilt Designs & Techniques C-55 Curved Piecing

Davila, Jane & Elin Waterston Art Quilt Workbook A-67 Art Quilts

Davis, Jodie Paper Pieced Curves P-49 Paper piecing

Delaney, Kathy Hearts and Flowers (Star Quilts VIII) H-23 Appliqué, flowers

DeLeonardis, Martha T-Shirt Quilts T-45 T-shirt quilts

Derksen, Cori & Myra Harder All Through the Woods A-51 Patchwork

Designers, Ten Dressed Best by the Wearable Arts Projects D-11 Clothing

Dietrich, Mimi Baltimore Bouquets B-12 Appliqué

Dietrich, Mimi Hand Appliqué! H-22 Appliqué, basic

Dietrich, Mimi Pink Ribbon Quilts: A Book Because of Breast Cancer P-50 Patchwork

Dietrich, Mimi Quilts from the Smithsonian Q-27 Historical

Dissmore, Susan Teegarden Clever Quarters, Too C-94 Fat Quarters

Doak, Carol Easy Reversible Vests E-18 Wearables, Paper Piecing

Doak, Carol 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars F-27 Paper Piecing

Doak, Carol 40 Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks F-34 Paper Piecing

Doak, Carol Mariner's Compass Stars M-48 Paper piecing, stars

Doak, Carol Your First Quilt Book (or it should be) Y-01 Patchwork

Doheny, Marilyn Bargello Tapestry Quilts B-46 Bargello

Doran, Diane Ruskin Digital Collage for Quilt Design DVD-2 Digital design

Duke, Dennis America's Glorious Quilts A-03 Historical

Dunn, Sarah Sacks (ed.) Rodale's Successful Quilting Library: Fantastic Finishes R-21 Patchwork, Binding

Dunnewold, Jane Art Cloth A-62 Fabric Design

Dunnewold, Jane Design and Print Your Own Fabric DVD-25 Fabric Design, Printing

Thursday, October 11, 2012

E through F

Author          Book Title          Library Code          Subject

Eaton, Patti & Pamela Mostek Blossoms in Winter: 14 Designs in Wool-Felt Appliqué B-32 Appliqué, wool felt

Eckley, Ginny quilted Sea Tapestries Q-62 Embroidery, Machine

Edie, Marge Bargello Quilts B-24 Bargello

Edmonds, Chris Wolf A Quilt for All Seasons: Calendar Quilts Q-23 Small quilts, seasonal

Eichorn, Rosemary The Art of Fabric Collage F-40 Fabric Clothing

Eikmier, Barbara Kids Can Quilt K-02 Kids Quilting

Eklow, Robbi Joy Free Expression: The Art and Confessions of a Contemporary Quilter F-56 Design

England, Cynthia Picture Piecing P-57 Pictoral Quilts

Fahl, Ann Coloring With Thread C-85 Embroidery (Machine)

Fallert, Caryl Bryer Quilt Savvy: Fallert's Guide to Images on Fabric Q-97 Photo Transfer, computer

Fallert, Caryl Bryer caryl Bryer Fallert: A Spectrum of Quilts C-36 Art

Faoro, Victoria (ed.) Log Cabin Quilts L-19 Log Cabin

Fassett, Kaffe Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in the Sun K-4 Patchwork

Faustino, Anna Simply Stunning Woven Quilts S-88 Woven Quilts

Fingal, Jamie Rebel Quilting DVD-14 Art Quilts, Fusibles

Fitsell, Jo Marbled Fabric Surface Design DVD-20 Fabric dyeing

Ferguson, Pat Zen Quilting Workbook (in folder with Z-1b) Z-1a Zentangle, threadwork

Flynn, John Trapunto & Stippling T-34 Trapunto

Fons, Marianne & Liz Porter Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, 2009 DVD-9 13 mixed episodes

Fons, Marianne & Liz Porter Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, 2010 DVD-7 Patchwork

Fons, Marianne & Liz Porter Quilter's Complete Guide Q-95 Basics

Fritz, Laura Lee Mindful Meandering M-44 Machine Quilting

Fronks, Dilys A. At Play With Appliqué A-54 Appliqué

Fronks, Dilys A. Enchanted Views: Wrought-Iron Design E-23 Watercolors, Stained Glass, Wrought Iron

Fure, Carole M. Surprising Designs from Traditional Blocks S-84 Block Designs


Author          Book Title          Library Code          Subject

Garber, Gail Stellar Journeys S-89 Stars, Flying Geese

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1985 Vol. 6 U-02 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1987 Vol. 8 U-03 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1983 Vol. 4 U-04 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1984 Vol. 5 U-05 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1986 Vol. 7 U-06 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1988 Vol. 9 U-07 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1989 Vol. 10 U-08 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1990 Vol. 11 U-09 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1991 Vol. 12 U-11 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1980 Vol. 1 U-12 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1981 Vol. 2 U-13 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1982 Vol. 3 U-14 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1992 Vol. 13 U-15 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1993 Vol. 14 U-16 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1994 Vol. 15 U-17 Research

Garoutte, Sally & Laurel Horton Uncoverings, 1995 Vol. 16 U-18 Research

Gaudynski, Diane Guide to Machine Quilting G-23 Machine Quilting

Gibbs, Karen Bits of Bargello B-44 Bargello

Gillman, Rayna Create your Own Free-Form Quilts C-100 Design

Gillman, Rayna Free Form Fabric Art DVD-22 Art quilts, design

Glantz, Linda Variegreat V-06 Patchwork

Goke, Keiko All My Thanks and Love to Quilts A-66 Art quilts

Goldsmith, Becky & Linda Jenkins Appliqué Outside the Lines A-60 Appliqué (machine)

Graves, Stevii Thompson (ed.) Visions: Quilt Expressions V-07 Art

Green, Mary V. Classic American Quilt Collections: Nine Patch C-67 Nine-patch, patchwork

Green, Mary V. Classic American Quilt Collections: Log Cabin C-68 Log cabin, patchwork

Grifka, Debbie Lines by Design Quilts L-23 Modern Quilting

Grisbrecht, Myrmi Press for Success: Secrets for Precise & Speedy Quiltmaking P-30 Pressing

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 2001, Vol. 22 U-26 Research, historical

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 2002, Vol. 23 U-27 Research

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 2003, Vol. 24 U-28 Research, historical

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 1996, Vol. 17 U-19 Research

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 1997, Vol. 18 U-20 Research

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 1999, Vol. 20 U-23 Research

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 2000, Vol. 21 U-24 Historical

Gunn, Virginia (ed.) Uncoverings, 1998, Vol. 19 U-25 Historical

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

H through I

Author          Book Title          Library Code          Subject

Haders, Phyllis Warner Collector's Guide to American Quilts W-07 Historical

Hall, June & Dixie Haywood Foundation Borders F-38 Borders

Hall, June & Dixie Haywood Perfect Pineapple P-32 Pineapple

Hamby, Elizabeth Small Wonders: Tiny Treasures in Patchwork S-56 Small Quilts

Hargrave, Harriet Heirloom Machine Quilting (revised, expanded) H-07 Machine Quilting

Hargrave, Harriet Mastering Machine Appliqué: The Satin Stitch & Mock Hand Appliqué, 2nd ed. M-33 Appliqué (machine)

Hart, Sandra & Gudny Campbell Piecing with Pixels P-68 Photography

Hassel, Carla Super Quilter II S-19 Traditional techniques

Havig, Bettina Classic English Medallion Style Quilts C-76 Borders, patchwork, medallion

Hawley, M'Liss Rae Fat Quarter Quilts F-26 Fat Quarters

Hearder, Valerie Beyond the Horizon: Small Landscape Appliqué B-28 Landscapes, Small Quilts

Heathcote, Stephanie Stephanie Heathcote Quilts with Doris Rhodes V-H2

Heimisch, Margarete Mi Amor, Legacy Appliqué M-50 Appliqué, embroidery

Henning, Brenda Alaska Silhouette Sampler A-46 Alaska

Henning, Brenda Out of the Blue: Two Color Quilts O-18 Two Color

Henning, Brenda Reach for the Stars: Mariner's Compass R-35 Mariner's Compass

Henning, Brenda Sampler Schoolhouse S-65 Patchwork, sampler

Henning, Brenda Stained Glass Flower Garden S-66 Stained Glass Quilts

Hilberg, Birte The Patchwork Planner P-58 Block Designs

Hill, Michele William Morris in Appliqué W-22 Appliqué

Hire, Diane S. Quilters Playtime Q-106 Creativity

Hire, Diane S. Vivacious Curvy Quilts V-10 Curves, appliqué

Hirota, Julie Art Glass Quilts A-53 Stained Glass

Holly, Pat & Sue Nickels 60 Machine Quilting Patterns S-64 Quilting patterns, borders

Holstein, Jonathan Abstract Design in American Quilts A-10 Historical

Hooworth, Judy & Margaret Rolfe Spectacular Scraps S-71 Patchwork

Hopkins, Carol Civil War Legacies C-102 Civil War Quilts

Hopkins, Judy Down the Rotary Road D-07 Rotary

Hopkins, Judy Fit to be Tied F-04 Bow Tie

Hopkins, Judy 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks F-58 Block Patterns

Hopkins, Judy  One-of-a-Kind Quilts O-03 Patchwork

Hopkins, Judy Quilt Alaska with Judy Hopkins Q-108 Alaska sampler

Hopkins, Judy Triangle-Free Quilts T-31 Patchwork, Alaska author

Hopkins, Judy Design Your Own Quilts D-10 Design

Hopkins, Judy & Nancy Martin Rotary Roundup R-06 Rotary

Hopkins, Judy & Nancy Martin Rotary Riot R-03 Rotary

Hopkins, Judy & Nancy Martin 101 Fabulous rotary-Cut Quilts O-13 Rotary

Hopkins, Mary Ellen It's OK If You Sit on My Quilt I-03 Patchwork, Easy

Horton, Roberta An Amish Adventure A-04 Amish, Color

Horton, Roberta Calico and Beyond C-01 Patchwork

Horton, Roberta The Fabric Makes the Quilt F-13 Art

Horton, Roberta Stained Glass Quilting Technique S-20 Stained Glass

Horton, Roberta Scrap Quilts: The Art of Making Do S-53 Scrap Quilts

House of White Birches Quilting for Christmas Q-119 Christmas

Hugg, Jaynette Needles and Notions: Paper-Pieced Patterns with a Sewing Room Theme N-18 Paper Piecing

Interweave Quilting Arts Magazine 2013 DVD-19 2013 magazine issues

Interweave Quilting Arts Series 300 (2009) DVD-4 13 mixed episodes