Tuesday, October 9, 2012

H through I

Author          Book Title          Library Code          Subject

Haders, Phyllis Warner Collector's Guide to American Quilts W-07 Historical

Hall, June & Dixie Haywood Foundation Borders F-38 Borders

Hall, June & Dixie Haywood Perfect Pineapple P-32 Pineapple

Hamby, Elizabeth Small Wonders: Tiny Treasures in Patchwork S-56 Small Quilts

Hargrave, Harriet Heirloom Machine Quilting (revised, expanded) H-07 Machine Quilting

Hargrave, Harriet Mastering Machine Appliqué: The Satin Stitch & Mock Hand Appliqué, 2nd ed. M-33 Appliqué (machine)

Hart, Sandra & Gudny Campbell Piecing with Pixels P-68 Photography

Hassel, Carla Super Quilter II S-19 Traditional techniques

Havig, Bettina Classic English Medallion Style Quilts C-76 Borders, patchwork, medallion

Hawley, M'Liss Rae Fat Quarter Quilts F-26 Fat Quarters

Hearder, Valerie Beyond the Horizon: Small Landscape Appliqué B-28 Landscapes, Small Quilts

Heathcote, Stephanie Stephanie Heathcote Quilts with Doris Rhodes V-H2

Heimisch, Margarete Mi Amor, Legacy Appliqué M-50 Appliqué, embroidery

Henning, Brenda Alaska Silhouette Sampler A-46 Alaska

Henning, Brenda Out of the Blue: Two Color Quilts O-18 Two Color

Henning, Brenda Reach for the Stars: Mariner's Compass R-35 Mariner's Compass

Henning, Brenda Sampler Schoolhouse S-65 Patchwork, sampler

Henning, Brenda Stained Glass Flower Garden S-66 Stained Glass Quilts

Hilberg, Birte The Patchwork Planner P-58 Block Designs

Hill, Michele William Morris in Appliqué W-22 Appliqué

Hire, Diane S. Quilters Playtime Q-106 Creativity

Hire, Diane S. Vivacious Curvy Quilts V-10 Curves, appliqué

Hirota, Julie Art Glass Quilts A-53 Stained Glass

Holly, Pat & Sue Nickels 60 Machine Quilting Patterns S-64 Quilting patterns, borders

Holstein, Jonathan Abstract Design in American Quilts A-10 Historical

Hooworth, Judy & Margaret Rolfe Spectacular Scraps S-71 Patchwork

Hopkins, Carol Civil War Legacies C-102 Civil War Quilts

Hopkins, Judy Down the Rotary Road D-07 Rotary

Hopkins, Judy Fit to be Tied F-04 Bow Tie

Hopkins, Judy 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks F-58 Block Patterns

Hopkins, Judy  One-of-a-Kind Quilts O-03 Patchwork

Hopkins, Judy Quilt Alaska with Judy Hopkins Q-108 Alaska sampler

Hopkins, Judy Triangle-Free Quilts T-31 Patchwork, Alaska author

Hopkins, Judy Design Your Own Quilts D-10 Design

Hopkins, Judy & Nancy Martin Rotary Roundup R-06 Rotary

Hopkins, Judy & Nancy Martin Rotary Riot R-03 Rotary

Hopkins, Judy & Nancy Martin 101 Fabulous rotary-Cut Quilts O-13 Rotary

Hopkins, Mary Ellen It's OK If You Sit on My Quilt I-03 Patchwork, Easy

Horton, Roberta An Amish Adventure A-04 Amish, Color

Horton, Roberta Calico and Beyond C-01 Patchwork

Horton, Roberta The Fabric Makes the Quilt F-13 Art

Horton, Roberta Stained Glass Quilting Technique S-20 Stained Glass

Horton, Roberta Scrap Quilts: The Art of Making Do S-53 Scrap Quilts

House of White Birches Quilting for Christmas Q-119 Christmas

Hugg, Jaynette Needles and Notions: Paper-Pieced Patterns with a Sewing Room Theme N-18 Paper Piecing

Interweave Quilting Arts Magazine 2013 DVD-19 2013 magazine issues

Interweave Quilting Arts Series 300 (2009) DVD-4 13 mixed episodes

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