Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Author      Book Title      Library Code      Subject

Taylor, Linda V Longarm Machine Quilting: The Ultimate Guide L-18 Machine quilting, longarm machine quilting

Tendall, Mary & Connie Tesene We Made It Through the Winter W-19 Folkart

Tendall, Mary & Connie Tesene Life in the Country L-14 Folk

That Patchwork Place Favorite Christmas Quilts F-24 Christmas

The Journal Quilt Project Creative Quilting C-88 Art quilts

Thomas, Donna Lynn Small Talk S-67 Small Quilts

Thomas, Donna Lynn Stripples Strikes Again S-46 Strip Piecing

Thomas, Donna Lynn Scrappy Duos: Color Recipes for Quilt Blocks S-62 Scrap Quilts

Thomas, Vicki M. A. Stitch a Child's Quilt S-54 Children's Quilts

Thompson, Martha Square Dance: Fancy Quilts from Plain Squares S-36 Patchwork,     Tessellations

Thompson, Shirley Designs for Continuous Line Quilting D-18 Quilting Designs

Thompson, Shirley The Finishing Touch F-31 (on bottom shelf) Quilting Designs

Thompson, Shirley It's Not a Quilt Until It's Quilted I-09 (on bottom shelf) Quilting Designs

Timby, Deborah (ed) Visions, Quilts of a New Decade: Quilt San Diego Exhibition, 1990 V-08 Art quilts

Tims, Ricky Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts R-30 Patchwork

Tims, Ricky Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts R-32 Appliqué

Tomasewski, Cynthia Tea in the Garden T-36 Appliqué

Tomlonson, Judy Mennonite Quilts and Pieces M-18 Historical, Mennonite

Tope, Teri Henderson Appliqué in Reverse A-64 Appliqué

Torrence, Lorraine and Jean B. Mills Fearless Design F-52 Design

Torrence, Lorraine Design Essentials D-13 Design

Townswick, Jane Appliqué Takes Wing A-55 Appliqué, butterflies

Townswick, Jane Color-Blend Appliqué C-74 Appliqué

Townswick, Jane Easy Machine Quilting E-12 Machine Quilting

Tribuno, Bertha Heritage Quilts & Quilting Designs II H-13 (bottom shelf) Quilting Designs

Tribuno, Bertha Heritage Quilts & Quilting Designs H-14 (bottom shelf) Quilting Designs

Turner, Judy & Margaret Rolfe Successful Scrap Quilts (Rectangles) S-95 Patchwork

Turner, Sandy Big Print Patchwork B-50 Large-scale Prints

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