Monday, October 1, 2012

U through Z

Author      Book Title      Library Code      Subject

Unknown Sunbonnet Babies: Books 1 & 2 S-22 Sunbonnet Sue

Valentine, Gail Mirror Manipulations M-11 Mirror images, kaleidescope

Van Bockel, Jean Meadowbrook Quilts M-40 Nature

Van Niekerk, Di Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork R-36 Ribbon embroidery

Vaness, Ann Small Quilts-The Vanessa Ann Collection S-12 Small Quilts

Waldschmitt, Elaine Appli-curves A-59 Applique, fusible

Walker, Michele The Passionate Quilter P-13 Art, British

Walner, Hari Exploring Machine Trapunto: New Dimension E-17 Trapunto

Walters, Angela Free-Motion Quilting F-61 Machine quilting, Modern Quilts

Warren, Judi Fabric Postcards F-10 Postcards, small quilts

Wasilowski, Laura Fuse and Tell Journal Quilts F-64 Fusible appliqué

Wasilowski, Laura Fusing Fun! Fast Fearless Art Quilts F-48 Fusibles, art quilts

Wat, Rebecca Fabric Folding F-46 Folding

Watts, J. Michelle Quilts of the Southwest Q-121 Native American

Watts, J. Michelle Round About Quilts R-07 Wedge Piecing

Weidman, Mary Lou Quilted Memories Q-93 Applique, Folkart

Weiland, Barbara Quilted Christmas--Book III Q-46 Christmas

Wells, Jean Intuitive Color & Design I-19 Art quilts

Wells, Jean (Journey to) Inspired Art Quilting I-17 Art quilts

Wells, Patricia (ed.) Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts Q-83 Patchwork

Wells, Valorie Simple Start, Stunning Finish S-86 Patchwork, applique

Wells, Jean and Valorie Along the Garden Path A-44 Art, applique

Westfall, Eileen Christmas Quilts: Easy and Fun C-82 Christmas

Wiechec, Philoomena Celtic Quilt Designs C-02 Celtic

Wilhout, Alice Crazy Patchwork C-95 Crazy Quilts

Williams, Beth Ann A World of Quilts W-20 Ethnic Fabrics

Williamson, Darra Classic American Quilt Collections: Stars C-71 Patchwork, stars

Williamson, Jenny & Pat Parker Quilt Africa Q-105 Africa

Wittmack, Elda Applique at Play A-63 Sports

Wolfrom, Joen Landscapes and Illusions L-10 Landscapes

Wolfrom, Joen The Magical Effects of Color M-26 Color

Wolfrom, Joen Patchwork Persuasion P-44 Design

Wolfrom, Joen Visual Dance: Creating Spectacular Quilts V-04 Art

Wolfrom, Joen Visual Coloring V-09 Color

Woods, Susanne Modern Blocks M-46 Block Patterns

Woodworth, Judy Freemotion Quilting F-54 Machine Quilting

Wylie, Kathy K Sewflakes (Papercut Applique Quilts) S-91 Applique, papercut, snowflakes

Young, Blanche & Helen Trip Around the World Quilts T-06 Trip Around the World

Young, Blanche & Helen Young Frost The New Lone Star Quilt Handbook N-14 Lone Star

Young, Blanche & Dalene Stone Traditions with a Twist T-22 Trip Around the World, Traditional

Zehnel, Judy & Kim Masher Quilted Legends of the West Q-41 Patchwork

Ziebarth, Charlotte Photo Quilts (Artistic) P-67 Photography

Zieman, Nancy & Betty Cotton Reversible Jackets DVD-24 Wearables, jackets

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