Sunday, October 14, 2012

C Through D

Author          Book Title          Library Code          Subject

Caffrey, Debbie An Alaska Sampler A-47 Alaska

Caffrey, Debbie Quilting Season Q-115 Patchwork

Campbell, Patricia B. & Mimi Ayars Jacobean Rhapsodies J-3 Appliqué

Carlson, Elizabeth Hamby Trip to Ireland T-28 Irish Chain, Patchwork

Carlton,Alissa Haight Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts M-45 Modern Quilting

Carter, Erika Erika Carter: Personal Imagery in Art Quilts E-21 Art Quilts

Cesar, Mary Haunani Flowers of Hawaii F-53 Hawaiian

Christopherson, Darlene C. Perfect Union of Patchwork and Appliqué P-56 Appliqué

Chong, Nancy Lee Hawaiian Quilting DVD-3 Hawaiian

Clabo, Margo J. Ultimate Book of Quilt Labels U-22 Labels

Collins, Sally The Art of Machine Piecing A-43 Machine Piecing, Small Quilts

Collins, Sally Drafting for the Creative Quilter D-26 Drafting

Collins, Sally Small Scale Quiltmaking S-51 Miniature Quilts

Colvin, Joan The Nature of Design: A Quilt Artists' Personal Journal N-13 Art

Colvin, Joan Quilts from Nature Q-32 Patchwork

Combs, Karen Optical Illusions for Quilters O-12 Optical Illusions

Cory, Pepper Mastering Quilt Marking M-38 Quilt Marking

Cory, Pepper Quilting Designs from the Amish Q-45 (bottom shelf) Amish

Craig, Sharyn Great Sets G-28 Settings

Craig, Sharyn Setting Solutions S-61 Sets

Creative Publishing Editors Exploring Textile Arts E-20 Textile Design

Crow, Jayme & Joan Segna Stitch and Split Appliqué S-78 Appliqué, raw edge

Crow, Nancy Nancy Crow: Quilts and Influences C-14 Art

Crow, Nancy Improvisational Quilts I-11 Art

Crust, Melody & Hether Waldron Tewell A Fine Line F-42 Machine Quilting

Cummings, Sandi Thinking Outside the Block T-33 Art quilts, design

Dales, Judy B. Curves in Motion: Quilt Designs & Techniques C-55 Curved Piecing

Davila, Jane & Elin Waterston Art Quilt Workbook A-67 Art Quilts

Davis, Jodie Paper Pieced Curves P-49 Paper piecing

Delaney, Kathy Hearts and Flowers (Star Quilts VIII) H-23 Appliqué, flowers

DeLeonardis, Martha T-Shirt Quilts T-45 T-shirt quilts

Derksen, Cori & Myra Harder All Through the Woods A-51 Patchwork

Designers, Ten Dressed Best by the Wearable Arts Projects D-11 Clothing

Dietrich, Mimi Baltimore Bouquets B-12 Appliqué

Dietrich, Mimi Hand Appliqué! H-22 Appliqué, basic

Dietrich, Mimi Pink Ribbon Quilts: A Book Because of Breast Cancer P-50 Patchwork

Dietrich, Mimi Quilts from the Smithsonian Q-27 Historical

Dissmore, Susan Teegarden Clever Quarters, Too C-94 Fat Quarters

Doak, Carol Easy Reversible Vests E-18 Wearables, Paper Piecing

Doak, Carol 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars F-27 Paper Piecing

Doak, Carol 40 Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks F-34 Paper Piecing

Doak, Carol Mariner's Compass Stars M-48 Paper piecing, stars

Doak, Carol Your First Quilt Book (or it should be) Y-01 Patchwork

Doheny, Marilyn Bargello Tapestry Quilts B-46 Bargello

Doran, Diane Ruskin Digital Collage for Quilt Design DVD-2 Digital design

Duke, Dennis America's Glorious Quilts A-03 Historical

Dunn, Sarah Sacks (ed.) Rodale's Successful Quilting Library: Fantastic Finishes R-21 Patchwork, Binding

Dunnewold, Jane Art Cloth A-62 Fabric Design

Dunnewold, Jane Design and Print Your Own Fabric DVD-25 Fabric Design, Printing

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