Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Q through R

Author      Book Title      Library Code      Subject

Quigley, Lydia Quilting Up a Storm: New Ways to Interpret a Classic Block Design Q-43 Storm at Sea

Quilt National Interpretations & Innovations: New Quilts I-14 Art Quilts

Quilt National Quilt National, 2009 Q-114 Art Quilts

Quilt National Quilt National: Contemporary Designs in Fabric Q-40 Art

Quilt National Quilt National: The Best in Contemporary Quilts Q-76 Art

Quilt National Quilt National 2011 Q-118 Art quilts

Quilt National Quilt National 2013 Q-123 Art Quilts

Quilt National Quilt National 2015 Q-128 Art quilts

Quilt San Diego Visions: The Art of the Quilt V-02 Art

Quilt San Diego Visions: Quilt Layers of Excellence V-03 Art

Quilt Art Association Fine Art Quilts: Works by Artists of the Contemporary Quilt Art Association  F-18 Art

Quilters' Guild, Australia Colours of Australia C-47 Art

Quilter's Guild, Great Britain Quilt Treasures of Great Britain: The Heritage Search of the Quilters' Guild Q-61 Historical

Quilters' Guild, Australia Quiltskills: Workshops from the Quilters' Guild Australia Q-65 Art

Quilting Arts TV 1700: Episodes 1-3 DVD-28 TV show variety of episodes

Quilting Arts TV 1700: Episodes 4-6 DVD-29 TV show variety of episodes

Quilting Arts TV 1700: Episodes 7-9 DVD-30 TV show variety of episodes

Quilting Arts TV 1700: Episodes 10-13 DVD-31 TV show variety of episodes

Rayment, Jennie Creative Tucks and Textures C-90 Tucks, texture

Rayment, Jennie Tucked Up in Bed T-37 Tucks, texture

Redford, Catherine Modern Machine Quilting: Free Motion. . . DVD-26 Machine quilting

Redford, Catherine Modern Machine Quilting: Straight Lines. . . DVD-23 Machine quilting

Reinstatler, Laura Munson Botanical Wreaths: Nature's Glory in Appliqué B-20 Appliqué

Renaud, Karin Quilts from the Heart Q-107 Quick, easy quilts

Renegades (AQS), curator Oxymorons: Absurdly Logical Quilts O-15 Art Quilts

Reynolds, Bethany S. Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts M-27 Kaleidoscopes

Reynolds, Bethany S. Stack-n-Whackier Quilts S-76 Stack and whack

Rickertson, Kathleen Brave New Quilts B-51 Modern Quilts

Ringle, Weeks & Bill Kerr Transparency Quilts T-43 Modern Quilting

Robert, General H. M. Robert's Rules of Order-1876 R-15 (in library cart drawer) Roberts Rules

Roberts, Barbara Quilts for Girls and Boys Q-79 Children's Quilts

Robertson, Virginia The Osage County Big Book of Quilting Patterns O-04 (bottom shelf) Quilting Designs

Robinson, Jackie Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright Q-58 Art

Rogers, Janet (ed.) Visions: Quilt Art V-05 Art

Rohlfing, Linda Sweatshirt Transformations S-99 Wearables, sweatshirts

Rolfe, Margaret Go Wild With Quilts G-21 Animals, patchwork

Rolfe, Margaret Go Wild With Quilts Again G-14 Animals

Rolfe, Margaret A Quilter's Ark Q-67 Animals, paper piecing

Rosenthal, Maxine One block Wonders O-17 Kaleidoscope

Rosintoski, Ellen Marvelous Mini Quilts for Foundation Piecing M-39 Small quilts, foundation piecing

Ruskin, Cindy The Quilt: Stories from the NAMES Project Q-92 AIDS

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