Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Author      Book Title      Library Code      Subject

Sabel, Bonnie & Louis-Philippe O'Donnell Positively Postcards P-62 Postcards

Samples, Carole Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches T-24 Crazy Quilts, embroidery

Sassaman, Jane A. The Quilted Garden Q-78 Art, appliqué

Sassaman, Jane A. Patchwork Sassaman Style P-70 Large prints

Schaefer, Becky Working in Miniature W-04 Small quilts

Scherer, Deidre Deidre Scherer: Work in Fabric and Thread D-12 Portraits, Fabric

Schneider, Sally Triangle Tricks T-32 Triangles

Schneider, Sally & B. Eikmeier Traditional Quilts with Painless Borders T-19 Borders

Schwartz, Liz & Stephen Seifert Paper Piecing the Seasons P-66 Paper piecing

Scott, Elizabeth The ABCs of Words on Quilts A-57 Lettering

Scott, Helen R. Bonnet Girls B-53 Sunbonnet

Seeger, Heidi & Pam Troughton Garden of Hope: Cancer Awareness Quilts G-24 Cancer quilts

Segawa, Setssuko Japanese Quilt Art J-8 Art quilts, Japanese quilts

Seme, Frankie & Joe Hesch Posterize It! P-60 Poster quilts

Sexton, Jeanie Silk Ribbons by Machine S-55 Silk Ribbons

Shackelford, Anita Infinite Feathers I-15 Feathers

Shackelford, Anita Three Dimensional Applique & Embroidery T-08 Appliqué

Shackelford, Anita Appliqué with Folded Cutwork A-41 Appliqué, folded patterns, Hawaiian

Schamber, Sharon & Cristy Fincher Piece by Piece P-65 Appliqué (machine)

Shrader, Valerie Van Arsdale Simple Contemporary Quilts S-96 Modern quilting

Shifrin, Laurie batik Beauties B-31 Patchwork, batik

Shirer, Marie & Barbara Brackman Creature Comforts C-09 Alphabet, Animal

Sienkiewicz, Elly Baltimore Beauties and Beyond B-10 Appliqué

Sienkiewicz, Elly Baltimore Elegance: A New Approach to Classic Album Quilts B-38 Appliqué

Sienkiewicz, Elly Fancy Appliqué: 12 lessons to Enhance Your Skills F-25 Appliqué

Sienkiewicz, Elly Papercuts and Plenty P-46 Appliqué

Sienkiewicz, Elly Spoken Without A Word S-33 (bottom shelf) Patchwork

Simmons, Judy Creative Marbling on Fabric C-53 Marbling fabric

Sinema, Laurence Appliqué, Appliqué, Appliqué A-16 Appliqué

Sisneros, Judy Rectangle Pizzazz R-33 Rectangles

Sitar, Edyta Hop to It H-24 Appliqué

Sloppy, Evelyn Sew One and You're Done: Making a Quilt from a Single Block S-82 Patchwork

Smith, Louise L. Strips 'N Curves: A New Spin on Strip Piecing S-77 Strip piecing, curves

Smith, Louise L. Strips 'N Curves: A New Twist on Strip Piecing S-85 Strip piecing, curves

Smith, Sarah Ann Thread Work Unraveled T-40 Machine Quilting, Appliqué

Smith, Barbara & Marjorie Russel Bear's Paw: New Quilts from an Old Favorite B-26 Bear Paws

Soltys, Karen Costello Small Quilts from Fat Quarters B-42 Small Quilts

Soltys, Karen Costello Classic American Quilt Collections: Schoolhouse C-62 School house, patchwork

Soltys, Karen Costello Classic American Quilt Collections: Wedding Ring C-63 Wedding ring, Patchwork

Soltys, Karen Costello Classic American Quilt Collections:One Patch C-64 One patch, Patchwork

Soltys, Karen Costello Classic American Quilt Collections: Baskets C-65 Baskets, patchwork

Soltys, Karen Costello Classic American Quilt Collections:Quilting Made Easy C-66 Hand Quilting, Machine Quilting

Speckman, Doreen Pattern Play: Creating Your Own Quilts P-19 Patchwork

Speckman, Doreen Travels with Peaky and Spike T-25 Triangles

Spingala, Deanna Watercolor Magic-Strip-Pieced W-14 Watercolor

Stein, Marcia Picture This P-72 Appliqué, pictorial quilts

Stein, Susan Fabric Artist's Workshop F-57 Fabric manipulation

Stori, Mari Beading Basics B-37 Beading

Stori, Mari Stori of Beaded Embellishment S-63 Beadwork

Sudo, Kumiko East Quilts West II E-07 Japanese

Sudo, Kumiko Folded Flowers F-41 Folded Flowers

Sudo, Kumiko Circles of the East C-48 Appliqué

Sudo, Kumiko Fabled Flowers F-17 Appliqué

Summers, Lucie Quilt Improv Q-124 Modern quilting

Swain, Gabrielle From a Quilter's Garden: A Fresh Crop F-29 Appliqué

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